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Welcome to my Movie Poster Collection Web site.


There is no real purpose other than to share my poster collection with anyone who might be interested in looking at movie posters. I'm not a seller so none of the posters are necessarily for sale. I say 'necessarily' because you never say never if some 'offer I can't refuse' type comes along.

Collecting Background

The event that gave me the collecting itch happened back in 1980 when I happened upon James Bond reissue posters at a local comic book shop. I immediately purchased 'Dr. No', 'Goldfinger' and 'Diamonds are Forever'. In the early days, I was only interested in collecting posters from my favorite movies. But that quickly changed when I found a movie memorabilia shop called 'Stage and Screen' owned by Guy Steele near downtown Dallas Texas. That store became my main poster source until 1999 when I joined Ebay. The selection, availability and convenience of Ebay allowed for quick acquisition of posters at reasonable prices. So as a result, my collection has grown to over 1400.

Collection Specialty

The emphasis of this collection is on 60s - 80s, crossing all genres. I grew up in the 60s so it makes sense that it would be my favorite decade. Obviously, there is a heavy nostalgic motivation to this type of collecting. Regarding poster types, one sheets (41x27) and inserts (14x36) are the only sizes I collect, with 90% being one sheets. The majority are U.S. with some international and Australian one sheets sprinkled in.

I strictly collect originals, however there are a few exceptions, 6 to be exact. If original, they each are multi thousand dollar posters.  I include them here because they are classic and I probably won’t be able to afford them anytime soon.

The year listed under each poster is the release year of the movie except for combo posters. For those, it is the year the poster was issued.

This site is a work in progress. Poster dates and info will be updated when inaccuracies are found.


If you have comments or questions please drop me a line at

Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy your stay.



05/11/14 - New Acquisitions: Star Wars Style C, First Spaceship on Venus.

02/16/14 - Added new Catagory: Rare.

12/21/13 - New Acquisitions: Where Eagles Dare - Insert, Blood of the Vampire, A Woman Under the Influence and others.

08/25/13 - New Acquisitions: The Blob, The Mummy ‘59, Incredible Shrinking Man.

03/01/13 - New Acquisitions: Psycho, Get Carter style A.

12/01/12 - New Acquisitions: Lawrence of Arabia Style A roadshow.

11/19/12 - New Acquisitions: Rope, Motorpsycho and The Godfather teaser.

08/12/12 - New Acquisitions: Dial M for Murder and The Curse of the Werewolf.

02/05/12 - New Acquisitions: Intl Two Women is the interesting one.

12/20/11 - New Acquisitions:   To Catch a Thief and a few others.

10/24/11 - New Acquisitions:   Touch of Evil, Night of the Living Dead and other interesting additions.

    Added new Category: Vampire

08/29/11 - New Acquisitions:   The African Queen.

08/7/11 - New Acquisitions:  Beast with 1,000,000 Eyes, Hombre Advance, English Near Dark and Teenage Monster.

05/27/11 - New Acquisitions: Intl A View to a Kill, Mole People, It Conquered the World and lots more.

03/27/11 - New Acquisitions: House on Haunted Hill, Alien Advance and Planet of the Apes insert are the highlights.

01/26/11 - New Acquisitions: A wide variety including quite a few obscure 50s posters.

11/10/10 - New Acquisitions: The Killer Shrews, Mothra, My Fair Lady and others.

09/22/10 - New Acquisitions: Invisible Boy, From Russia with Love B, Rebecca R56 insert and more.

08/11/10 - New Acquisitions: Star Wars Style B and The Wicker Man rare Style.

08/03/10 - New Acquisitions: The Great Escape, Dark City, scarce style of A Man and a Woman and many more.

04/28/10 - New Acquisitions: Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, Robinson Crusoe on Mars and a few interesting obscure ones from the 50s.

03/09/10 - New Acquisitions: English Ipcress File and Conan The Barbarian Advance are the more notable ones.

02/02/10 - New Acquisitions: A Fistful of Dollars Advance B, ..nuff said.

               - Added new categories: Musical/Dance, Surf and Sand and Misc 50s

05/20/09 - New Acquisitions: Interesting new additions include ‘Colossus of New York’ , ‘E.T.’ (Bicycle over Moon version), ‘This Property is Condemned’ (Intl version) and a couple of 60s Beach posters, ‘Bikini Beach’ and ‘Muscle Beach Party’.

07/13/09 - New Acquisitions: The more notable ones are The Long Goodbye Style A and Madame.

08/31/09 - New Acquisitions: El Dorado, Ten Commandments Style A, Temple of Doom Style B and many more.

10/27/09 - New Acquisitions: Lots of new ones, with Suspicion R53 the major jewel.

11/24/09 - New Acquisitions: A few interesting additions include Gunslinger and an English Days of Heaven

12/15/09 - New Acquisitions: Stolen Kisses, Naked Paradise and Hunchback of Notre Dame are the more interesting additions.



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